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HCG 120 Day Program (Best Value)

HCG 120 Day Program (Best Value)
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HC6 Brand Drops are today's scientific answer to yesterday's diet drops. But what exactly does that mean?

You may be familiar with Dr. Simeons' book "Pounds and Inches" in which he revealed a groundbreaking method to lose weight. He utilized this method for years to help people lose anywhere from 1-3 lbs per day. But here's the catch, he did it using a hormone. Not just any hormone, a hormone that was either extracted from the urine of pregnant women, or engineered in a chemical laboratory.

Do you really need to be putting that in your body?

Furthermore, there was never any scientific evidence that the hormone did what Dr. Simeons claimed it was doing.

Welcome to the 21st Century and HC6 Drops!

HC6 Brand Diet Drops were created with a specific vision in mind. This vision is to help people achieve the miracle results of Dr. Simeons diet, without the dangerous hormones. HC6 Drops contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to metabolize fats and proteins, thus helping you lose the weight.

But what about the low calorie diet restrictions? This is a great question. Dr. Simeons diet protocol required dieters to consume only 500 calories per day. HC6 Brand Diet Drops are 400x stronger than any other product on the market. This means that you can consume a higher calorie diet (800-1200 calories/day) and still achieve the same results.

Your 120 Day HC6 Brand Diet Drops program includes:

  • 8 oz of HC6 Brand Diet Drops (a 120 day supply)
  • Diet Protocol*
  • Dr. Simeons' "Pounds and Inches" (Revised)*
  • Recipes for during and after the diet*
  • Weight trackers*
  • Exercise planners*
*These items are made available to you in electronic format after your purchase.

Product Reviews

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  1. Work really good 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2018

    Very good
    Make several time diet always lost about 1 pound per day average

  2. Works for me! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2018

    I am very happy with this product. The 30 day program works well to break my unhealthy eating choices. I lose the weight I want and keep it off for 6-8 months. It's my own stupid fault that I backslide into my bad habits.

  3. I could not have done it without HCG! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2017

    I loss 32 ls in 29 days and I am still going. I am currently on P2. This is my 3 rd attempt to achieve my goal weight.

  4. I like this product, 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2017

    but dropper itself needs little bit of work.It comes out of ring on top and it is difficult to put back in.Drops are good.

  5. Pleasantly Supprised 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2017

    I am thrilled with this product! I am down 20 pounds in 9 days but still have a lot more to go. I think that this is a great tool to get to your weight loss goal. The bottles however took an exceptionally long time to leave the warehouse but once they were shipped i got them in a timely manner. Very happy with the product not so much with how long it took to get it. Regardless it still deserves the high rating.

  6. Happy 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Feb 2017

    I bought this product for a friend who was struggling with their weight. I am helping them through the process and they are doing brilliant. 20lbs in 14 days...crazy results

  7. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2017

    I have ordered drops numerous times and Will continue to use product.

  8. Works well if you stick to the plan. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2016

    This product and the meal plan work very well and the results are as stated if you stay on course. It's easier to stick to the very restricted diet if you have a buddy to do it with. Trying to prepare 2 different meals and having foods available that are not on the plan now make it very difficult. I now use the drops to control appetite while on a less restrictive diet. I am still losing weight but at a slower rate and hopefully developing better eating habits.

  9. Amazing results 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2016

    Hi I have done this diet once before. lost 33 lbs in 30 days. Unfortunately I gained it all back plus some. (went back to my poor eating habits) I have just started this diet again, this diet works amazing if you follow it properly. This time I will loose the weight and keep it off. Hate being over weight I have struggled all my life always dieting losing and then gaining it back. What I love about the HC6 is the incredible results that happen immediately. Its a great incentive to keep you on track. I have a thyroid problem which can make it harder to loose weight it is very frustrating when you try and eat healthy and loose nothing. I weighed my self after the loading stage and I was 206, heaviest I have ever been my goal is 140. I am confident with this diet and I will loose the weight and achieve my goal. Thank you HC6

  10. I lost 10 pounds in the first week. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Nov 2015

    I lost 10 pounds in the first week.
    following the eating and drop plan religiously.

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