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HCG Drops Diet Reviews, Results, and Before and After Pictures of Real HCG Drops Direct Customers

**Results may vary from person to person

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Here is one of the most recent testimonials to come in on Facebook:



OMG I have been on the diet 4 days and I am down 10 pounds, this is the first thing that has worked for me in three years!!  I feel great.

-Shannon from British Columbia, Canada



“I had some friends who did the HCG diet with injections, but was reluctant until I learned about HCG drops.  I was excited to start and followed the instructions from day one.  After the first week I was seeing a change in how I looked & felt, and it showed.   I have only done 2 rounds of the diet and have lost 62 pounds.”

Sandie Deon in California



“All I can say is I was so excited to begin my HCG diet and couldn’t wait for my drops to arrive.  I thought it would set me back waiting for them BUT…… is so efficient, I had them within 3 days from clear across the country… and you know how cynical New Yorkers can be…. They arrived safe and are “doing the trick.”  THANK YOU, Direct Drops, I wouldn’t get my HCG anywhere else!”

A. Smith in New York


WOW! I am a boa-fide food addict and my friends couldn’t belive it when I told them about my new eating habits while on the HCG diet. Needless to say, I lost 20 lb in 5 weeks and am keeping it off. I was never hungry or light headed. I need another round to take of more weight and I’m actually looking forward to it! Thanks to HCG Drops Direct, my clothes all fit better, my upper back has stopped aching and my eating habits have improved.

J. Davies in Oregon


I’ve struggled with my weight all my life.  This time I have a conference to attend for work in San Diego on June 26th.  I bought the drops hoping to lose about 20 lbs before my trip.  I’ve lost 22 lbs. in 23 days and leave on Saturday.  I’m never hungry.  HCG is the best ever to lose weight fast.  Thank you!

Cindi in Alabama


HCG Diet Drops

I had taken HCG before from a dr. I was kind of leary of ordering it online. But it was so worth it! It worked wonderfully. I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks. I am so ready for another round. It has been 2-3 months and it is still off! LOVE ME SOME HCG!!!!!!!!!!!

April Craig in Moore, OK


I used the drops for 23 days and dropped 21 pounds and went from a snug size 18 to a loose 16 and sometimes even a 14!  I have NEVER been on such an easy to follow weight-loss program with such dramatic results – and I’ve tried pretty much all of them over the years!

While on the drops, I was energy-filled and totally upbeat. Now that I’m on the maintenance 3-weeks, I’m still in a great mood and finding it easy to maintain the weight loss. Since I have more to lose, I’m already planning my next round for early August. I Know there’s a 130-pound woman in here somewhere and I aim to find her. Thank you for making it possible!  Blessings,

C.D. in Arizona



I lost 37 pounds in 37 days on the HCG Diet, I plan on doing one more cycle, my goal is another 35 pounds.

B. Maddux, California


Great video testimonials!

These videos just came to us from some recent customers:





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Product Reviews


    1. Unbelievable... HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by Dawn - High River, AB on 30th Jul 2012

      I have use the HCG program 3 times...21 days each time. Total weightloss 64lbs. I have kept it off for 6 months without any real difficulty. The best thing that happened is my body will now lose weight just by cutting down on cals, so if I gain a couple lbs I can loose it in a couple of days now. I know 15 other people who have had the same result. IT WORKS

5/ 5stars
    1. Its working for me HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by Unknown on 12th Jul 2012

      Have tried various low carb diets with very limited success and little staying power. In 10 days on HCG I have lost 10lb and have broken through my stubborn weight plateau. I am not hungry and feel fine. The results have given me the incentive to continue. I'm hoping this progress continues. I could be at my goal weight by the end of my first course. The test is: to keep it off!

5/ 5stars
    1. Best Weight Loss Program Ever!! HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by Stacey from Calgary, AB on 25th Jun 2012

      I lost 30lbs in 6 weeks! I have been back onto my regular diet for over a month now I expected to gain some of the weight back but to my surprise and delight I have only gained 2 lbs back. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to jump start their weight loss, I am a busy mom of 4 and I generally eat well and work out 3 times a week and found that I just couldn't lose weight. This helped get things started in the right direction!

      The results have been dramatic and I love what everyone has to say about the new me.

      The drops came quickly in the mail. I even had a broken bottle thanks to Canada Post but there was no questions asked, Tony sent me a replacement bottle right away, the customer service is outstanding! I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to lose weight.

5/ 5stars
    1. I'm Melting in all the right places!!! HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by Mabel from Whitecourt, AB on 12th Jun 2012

      This product came from a Canadian supplier within 4 mailing days. Wow. I ordered from others and it took 4 weeks. These drops work better than the under tongue spray. If you follow the diet the fat just melts away, cheat and it still goes... but slower. A walk each day helps you feel refreshed and energized.

5/ 5stars
    1. success HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by mae ann on 4th Jun 2012

      I started this program right after Xmas 2011 and have lost over 60 lbs so far. If i miss my salad when I'm on maintenance part ..then I'm craving the healthy food. Great program to start recognizing what makes your body feel good. I usually only stay on the HCG for 21 days and then go on maintenance. I have just recommended the program for my daughter and hope she can do the program. I just love all the compliments I am getting.

5/ 5stars
    1. Works 4 me HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by YAY4ME!!! Ontario, Canada on 16th Jan 2012

      I started a round before Christmas and then stopped, only gained 4 lbs during the 2 week holidays despite stopping the drops and eating rich, sweet food and drinking. I'm now back on day 10 of protocol and have lost 12 lbs since loading. I also have hypothyroidism (hence the 4 stars) and nothing else worked. I did try a VCLD without drops, for a few days before starting the HCG the 1st time and gained. I guess I was in starvation mode. So something is causing the loss with these drops...whatever it is!

5/ 5stars
    1. It's a good product HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2011

      I've told my friends about it!!

5/ 5stars
    1. 120 days for under 200!? Amazing! HCG Drops Reviews

      Posted by Jane C. from Calgary, AB on 25th Aug 2011

      This is such a great deal it was almost too hard to believe until they came in the post.

5/ 5stars